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Febe Protocol

Originally written in 1988 by Dean Tribble, Mark Miller, Gayle Pergamit, Marc Stiegler, Roland King, Eric Hill, Johan Strandberg, and Roger Gregory while at or associated with Udanax.com (then known as Xanadu Operating Company). Many thanks to John Walker, Duff Kurland, and others for their help.

Adapted for the web by Udanax.com in 1999. Due to time constraints, there remains much text appropriate to the context of 1988 but not to the current situation. In particular, given the current trademark situation, many historical uses of "Xanadu" should properly now read "Udanax". When this situation is remedied, this disclaimer will be removed.

Philosophy and Motivation
Designing Frontends
FeBe Example
Technical Overview

Tumbler Arithmetic
Links and Link Types
Fe vs. Be
FeBe Protocol
Appendix A - FeBe Protocol Syntax
Appendix B - Useful Tables
Appendix C - Manual Pages
Appendix D - Glossary